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From South Dakota:


While I am not sure whether you are pro or con, I am pro so here is several
articles explaining why.

Here are a few bookmarks both for and against:

I also included the opponents release which "debunks" everything.but ask you
to note the opposing "experts" credentials and take the following with a
grain of salt.

Remember, the Recent rules change is a MAXIMUM amount allowed, not a
mandated minimum...economics will determine how much is blended in a given
location...and if the consumers don't want it the stations don't HAVE to
sell the high blends, go ahead and buy your "pure" gasoline if it makes you
happy...I like saving my money and supporting the American Farmer.

I currently burn a homemade mix of approximately e-35 in everything except
the bike. Blender pumps are widespread in SD where you can buy 15-30-50-85%
blends and are widely fact in Redfield near me EVERY gas station
has them and they get used because the fuel is just as good and
significantly cheaper  (while illegal, most are using the higher blends in
non flex fuel vehicles, which run fine up to between 30-40% ).

 I have burned e-15 in my 05 road king with favorable results and a loss of
but 2 mpg (going to MOTM last fall).  Yes, the road king does like premium
92 or 93 octane a little better, it should be a jet size richer if I was
going to run it all the time (more btus/gallon and I have it set pretty

 The reason is that the price of alcohol here is around 2/3 that of gas, so
you do the math at your current location and see if the mileage loss (if
any) is greater than the fuel cost savings.  Yes, there is the occasional
vehicle that is just set to run so lean that it does not like alcohol at
all, but that is a tuning issue that could be fixed if you wanted.

 Again,  I would rather spend my money with a  local farmer than an arab
that uses the income to fund terrorists to shoot at our soldiers or me!  The
ethanol currently used replaces almost 10% of the imported oil we otherwise
would have to be buying....and if we were buying 10% more how much more
would it be costing?????

Oh, btw, the "energy balance" equation is actually right at 2 to one gain
for alcohol than the cost of inputs to make it, another oil industry
generated bullshit story that the news media accepted without checking out
properly.  Remember, it also takes energy to  turn crude oil into gasoline,
it doesn't come out of the tanker or the ground ready to be put in your

Regarding the food argument, yes, around 1/4 of the corn does go into
ethanol but about 2/3  of that amount goes right back into the feed supply
as protein supplement byproduct and is fed, so that argument really does not
hold water least in the near future.  Maybe 30 years from now
with double the people population forecast maybe, but now it is the
difference between $1.95 corn that is not profitable with welfare checks to
the farmers and $5 plus corn and no direct governments subsidies to me, I
prefer free market vs farm program.

I have burned alcohol blends for literally 30 years now, mostly e10.  I have
never had a hose failure from the inside (but have had then rot off from the
outside), never had a metal or plastic tank fail, and have lost only one
fuel pump attributable to the fuel (a cheap electric  pump I put on an old
truck that failed immediately).  I converted a 78 dodge pickup to e-85 about
6 years ago by rejetting the carb  with no problems.

There are three reasons for problems with alcohol fuels... METHANOL
substitution (which is very corrosive), improper jetting and water
contamination-usually intentional.  Reputable stations and understanding
your vehicle solves all these.

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Author: admin
Posted: 2011-03-17 18:59:10
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