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AZ Distracted Driving


We have made the decision to not do a texting bill but look at a Distracting bill instead. This was based on the problems that states have with just having a pure texting bill. We attended the “Meeting of the Minds” meeting and talked with a lot of folks from other states on texting. We had conversations with MRF and the MRF Lobbyist recommended that we look at the Maine Distracting bill which he felt is the best one out there. Since that time, we have had conversations with Maine and other states and feel if we do this bill that it would be best to look at Maine’s bill for ours with some changes. 39 other states have some sort of texting bill in place and we have two(2) cities here in Arizona with it.  

Comment made and response by another biker : An individual made the comment; "I am not in favor of texting while driving, I'm just wondering when and where this was brought up as a motorcycle specific issue?" Comment by another biker: It might not be a biker specific issue. BUT... It is a huge issue for bikers. 9 out of the last 10 times (just in the past year) I have just about gotten creamed by a car or pickup, when I looked to see what the crap they were thinking about. They had a phone in their hand and were not paying attention to ANYTHING else on the road. And seeing as motorcycles are much smaller than most cars they are much easier to miss if the other driver is already distracted. The woman who sideswiped my bike a year ago, hit me and never even knew she hit me until I pulled in front of her and stopped and informed her that she hit me and showed her the scratches on my brand new, 2 week old bike. Distracted driving is an ENORMOUS issue for bikers. And being such a huge issue for motorcyclists we need to address this as a threat to all of us.

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