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Arkansas Red Light Bill

Here is the text for our HB2833, now Act 1886, Arkansas' red light bill we passed in 2005.
We had 79 yeas, 6 nays and 16 not voting.  We contacted every member, whether he was our Rep or not.  We educated them on the troubles we as motorcyclists were having at sensored traffic lites. After the bill was passed and made into law, the Police seemed to be the last ones to know about the new law.  So we printed up cards for people to carry and when/if they got stopped this card had the Act number and title to present to the Police.  We then started contacting our local police/state police and even asked the Attorney General to "help spread the word".  I have not heard of any problems with people being stopped in a about 3 years now. In Arkansas we hit our Legislators with letters, phone calls and emails, and have someone to speak aganist the bill, this seems to work for us.  Yesterday in the Senate Trans Committee Rodney Roberts and Tom Wewer was there to testify agains HB 1775-manditory turn signals on motorcycles.  The Senate members made the comment that they had been deluged with contacts from constituents.  It did not pass our of committee, but the committee asked for amendments--anything manufactured after 7-1-2011 will have turn signals.  It will be sent back to the House upon their approval, it will come back to Senate Trans Comm. Today, the House Trans Comm takes up HB1769--using MSF training material only.  Once again, we've had the motorcyclists contact their Reps and have been educating them about how this would lead into manditory riders ed training to get an M endorsement and how we do not want to get locked into one rider's ed course as there may be one to come along that would prove better.

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