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INTRODUCTION to the MRF White Papers Volume 3
At last year’s Meeting of the Minds, Rick Gray facilitated a White Papers Workshop with several goals in mind: get feedback on how the White Papers project was being received by “the folks in the trenches,” generate ideas for the next issue, and sti

A Bibliography of Helmet and Motorcycle Safety Studies
The following pages are a bibliography of some of the helmet studies and information available out there.

DONORCYCLES?! Changing a Stereotype: How the Two Wheel Trauma Program is Educating Riders, EMSs, and the Public
The following story is true, but the names and location have been changed to protect confidentiality.

An American’s View of European Motorcyclists’ Rights
As we move towards a global economy, there are a multitude of advantages that present themselves in the areas of technology transfer, medicine, culture, etc. We must however be fully aware that there are also a host of dangers accompanying these advantage

While motorcycling has been targeted as a “public burden” and garners most of the public attention concerning head injury, it is actually a minor cause of head injury in the United States.

M.A.G. Ireland: Leg Protectors, Airbags and Total Rider Safety
The relevance of leg protectors (especially in the USA) is that litigious customers may eventually force motorcycle manufacturers to include leg protectors on motorcycles.

A Profile of the Federation of European Motorcyclists prepared for Motorcycle Noise Demonstration, European Parliament, Brussels, Tuesday 21st March 1995
In June 1988, following the first motorcyclists’ Euro Demo in Strasbourg, national riders’ rights organisations from France, Germany, UK, Austria, Greece, and Italy recognised the need for effective representation for motorcyclists within the European

Motorcycling and Political Involvement: The Early Years
The motorcyclists’ rights movement began in 1903 out of a need for uniformity and fairness in motorcycle racing.

The Next Era: A Helmet Law History
The year was 1966. The Interstate Highway System was under construction with massive amounts of federal money from gasoline taxes. Each state had only to come up with ten percent in matching funds to partake in this huge construction project and all the j :: Home of PHP Autoresponder!
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